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Apply for Standard Plus membership

Started by Admin Jul 06th, 2019 at 20:22
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Admin (Admin)
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Dear members,
The members clicking Bonus ads and completing offers in offer walls will be selected and given standard plus membership for free for 30 days. If you complete bonus ads and offer walls regularly. your membership will be extended regularly.
Your account will be checked and rewarded if it is eligible.
You cannot get it if you already purchased other memberships.
Membership credited to :
1. alcoor, 2. Magdus48, 3. thanawatana, 4.srinu077, 5. baarish_india, 6.ukd86,. 7.Aykut 8. Magdus48, 9. yogendra1965, 10. ridicare123456, 11. Naren, 12.kerekes, 13. masti, 14. raniroy, 15. salis, 16. danlas, 17. arwaFamily, 18. DARNELLFAMOUS
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Standard Plus
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Admin my Free upgrade please

Admin reply : membership credited
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Standard Plus
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Hi...why am i downggrade now?

Admin reply : membership credited And extended permanently
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Is it still available ?
Admin (Admin)
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yes i will add it tomorrow for regular members who clicks bonus ads and first 20 RANKS offer walls participator.
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