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Started by Admin Jun 02nd, 2019 at 10:48
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Admin (Admin)
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Recognized Members is a status given to members who has the below qualifications.
1. Clicks all ptc ads daily,
2. Participates in offerwalls.
3. Participates Money Exchange offers.
4. Joining as Indiaclix referral.
5. Regular purchase of memberships and Ptc ads.
5. Clicks all bonus ads daily,
Benefits :
1. Account will be permanently stored with us.
2. When you want to stop working with us you can request payment anytime (no minimum requirement create support ticket)
3. Able to participate in Testing offer walls, add on site and new money earning methods. (Mandatory to join our Discord group).
Note : Selection of members will be done by Indiaclix admin.

Recognized members:
1. yagnesh232, 2. jayunicorn, 3. hanish997, 4.ULTRABUX, 5. dominionero, 6. Darnell Famous, 7. irshadniyauj, 8.shabbo, 9. bigramil, 10.danive110, 11. Arizona,12. Vanda, 13. Trokozi 14. tema19828, 15. palikeibiza1970, 16. Natallia, 17. abdennebi 18. ayzed2 19. megi11
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Thank you admin
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Standard Plus
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am proud to make it in list am at 6 place will make it to 1st place
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Good job