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Give suggestions to improve Indiaclix and Indiaclix income

Started by Admin May 17th, 2019 at 02:01
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Admin (Admin)
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Dear Indiaclix members,

Please reply with what changes/improvement we can do to increase the income of Indiaclix and it's members.

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Hello admin,
Indiaclix and his admin is sympathetic and trusted, I also wrote review in NBR (FoxyRating)
after 12 days of investment still not profitable - I cannot evaluate positively
minimal AVG - for payment RR and membership is 6,33 (at zero profit)
my maximal AVG (I do daily statistics on the forum) is 5,2.
I believe everything will improve

good luck for all
Admin (Admin)
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Dear zdenekbobo, & all indiaclix members,

We can guarantee you the amount you spent to rent referrals for 30 days will be lesser than the the amount you earned from the RR for that 30 days. You may get profit from 1 cent to 1 $ based on the no of RR you have. If you enable auto pay you can get a better profit.

Please remember RR is not a Get rich kind of option in indiaclix. We are new, until we become stable you will get less profit only.

Thanks for the understanding.
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Disable the admin ad feature and forced ad view feature. None of the PTC sites use that.